Need help packing your belongings? Trust our professional packing services

At Rainbow Movers, we offer full-service packing for moving. Simplifying the moving process and keeping you stress-free is our mission. That’s why we offer full and partial packing solutions to help lighten your load. Whether you need us to pack up your entire home or just the kitchen, we have packages available to fit your needs.

Prices for our professional packing solutions start at just $100 and will vary depending on the size of your move and whether you’ll need full or partial packing assistance for moving.

Pick the packing service solution that’s right for you

To determine the best package for your move and budget you will want to chat with one of our knowledgeable moving consultants. They are experts and can help you to tailor your entire moving experience to fit your specific needs and expectations.

Standard Packing Services

Our standard packing services come at no additional cost to you when booking your move with us. We include four wardrobe box rentals, furniture pads, and unlimited stretch film and tape to help with any light packing you may need assistance with. 

Our professional movers will help wrap and secure your photos, art, and furniture, but this option does not include any additional boxes or packing materials. You may want to consider our full or partial packing service if you will need extensive packing assistance or supplies.

Partial Packing Services

If you need a few extra hands packing, but don’t think it’s necessary for us to pack up your entire home, then our partial packing services may be perfect for you. 

You can choose between our “kitchen only package” or “everything but the kitchen package” and we will include all of the supplies needed for our movers to pack up the preferred portion of your home. Partial packing starts at $100 but will vary based on the size of your home.

Full Service Packing

This option is perfect for anyone who is looking for comprehensive professional packing assistance for moving. It’s for anyone who hates packing, is short on time or who may be physically unable to pack on their own. Full packing solutions start at $200 and will include all of the materials needed to pack up your entire home.



Free of cost Estimates


Floor, carpet, and wall protection


Removal of packaging supplies


Trackable delivery trucks


Breakdown and assembly service of furniture, i.e beds, mirrors, pianos


Handtrucks, dollies, packing blankets, and floor runners


Experienced with fragile materials


Knowledgeable drivers with digital mapping technology

Clean and Organize

Things like clothing, linens, and dishes will pack and move easier if they are cleaned and organized. Clearing the clutter around your home and making sure your movers have to provide professional packing services will help to ensure the process is fast, smooth and efficient.


Don’t move things that you no longer want or need. Toss, sell or donate these items rather than wasting time and effort moving them. If you have any hazardous materials or products, our professional packers won’t be able to pack and transport these so it may be best to use them up or get rid of them prior to your moving day.

The Essentials

You may want to consider using a clear plastic tub or crate to pack your essential items you will need easy access to. Keep this essentials box with you at all times during the move so that you won’t have to worry about searching for these items when you arrive at your new home.

Label Everything

Clearly mark all of your rooms and specialty items so our professional packers know how to label boxes and where to put them when arriving at your new home. Make sure that all belongings are in the proper room before the movers arrive so you won’t have to worry about things being packed in the wrong boxes.

Digital Backups

While our professional movers take every precaution to take care of our belongings, it is always better to be safe than sorry. Consider backing up all computers and electronic devices you will be moving. Using the cloud or a portable hard drive that you can transport with you will help to ensure no valuable information is lost.


If you have high value or sentimental items that need extra care to be sure to let our professional movers know. Vocalize any expectations you may have, be available for questions, and consider doing a home walk through once packing is completed to make sure everything is done to your satisfaction before the truck is loaded.

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